In collaboration with Clemzy, Late London, and DJ Obi, the masterwork “Energy (Late London Mix)” was masterfully composed by L.A.X, a talented recording artist and songwriter from Nigeria.

His previously unreleased single, “Lockdown (A COLORS SHOW),” serves as a follow-up to this brand-new jaw-dropping masterpiece.

Furthermore, this new remix version contains appealing lyrics and lovely melodies that are sure to make you want to groove and dance.

Again, London, a fantastic record producer from Ghana, gets the credit for producing this song.

In addition, you’re sure to smile after listening to his exhilarating track. However, it’s a necessity for any music lover wishing to update their playlist with seductive songs.

Energy (Late London Mix), a song by L.A.X featuring Clemzy, Late London, and DJ Obi, may be heard and downloaded below.